Club Minutes



The annual meeting of the GSDA was called to order by the President, Peg Anderson, at 7:54 pm on October 1, 2016, at the farm of Peg and Jim Anderson in Chickamauga, Georgia.

Special thanks were expressed to Peg and Jim Anderson for all their hard work in getting the farm ready for the trial.  Also, gratitude for Carol Anne Bailey for her work on maintaining the GSDA website, Bruce Garlick for officiating the trial scores and Pat Floyd for countless hours of time devoted to the GSDA.

There is a thank you card circulating to express our gratitude to the Pat Floyd for many years of service as the GSDA treasurer and organizer of entries and running orders, score sheets, score boards and much more.

Old business:  none

New business:

Finances were reported as in good standing with $6300 and if anyone wanted to review the records they would be made available following the annual meeting for interested parties by Peg Hull, GSDA president.  As reported, most of the money was spent on trials (prize money, porta potty rentals, year end awards, etc).

New GSDA T-shirts are now available and were donated so all of the proceeds go to the trial fund.

This trial was over-filled and some entries did not make it in.  Flo Hix will be compiling an email list of members and will send out reminders of club events, opening dates, etc.  Please check your email and spam boxes.  As a reminder, November 1st 2016 will be the opening date for the Christmas Trial.  Please have entries post marked November 1st.

Since Pat Floyd resigned her position as treasurer, the Board of the GSDA appointed Beth Barron as the new treasurer.  Entry forms will be downloaded on the GSDA website and Flo Hix can mail to those that need one.  According to the by-laws, the treasurer takes the entry fees.

Question came up as to the members of the GSDA board which includes:  Bruce Garlick (Chair), Hubert Bailey, Carol Anne Bailey, Norma Stewart, Aubrey Nelson, Peg Anderson.

2015 Year End Awards were announced and were as follows:

-Novice Champion – Beth Barron – Fly

-Novice Reserve Champion – Beth Griffin – Pip

-ProNovice Champion – Dawn Boyce – Micah

-ProNovice Reserve Champion – Aubrey Nelson – Deacon

-Open Ranch Champion – Cynthia Good – Jess

-Open Ranch Reserve Champion – Peg Anderson – Rob

-Open Sheep Champion – Hubert Bailey – Cole

-Open Sheep Reserve Champion – Peg Anderson – Spot

-Open Cattle Champion – Brian Cash – Mona

-Open Cattle Reserve Champion – Carol Anne Bailey – Pilot

-Longest Mile Award:  Dawn Boyce

-Most Improved – Brian Cash


A motion was then heard to adjourn the meeting and was seconded.

Respectfully submitted,

Christine Peverini