Members of the GSDA are listed here. Dues must have been paid by Aug. 1, to be a member. If there are any questions, or if you have a change in address, phone number or e-mail address, please e-mail Beth Barron. For a membership application, click here. To renew your membership, please send dues, name, address, phone number, and e-mail address to Beth Barron, 135 Forrest View Terrace, Johns Creek, GA 30022. Dues are $25 per person or $35 per family. Members who are not paid up to date on their dues will not receive points from GSDA points trials. Names in bold have been renewed for 2016-17.

Ann Allen & Conner Allen
Beth Anderson
Peg & Jim Anderson
Kenneth Arrendale
Carol Anne Bailey
Hubert Bailey
Beth Barron
Ellen Beasley
Chip Blalock
Dawn Boyce
Doug Branam
Donna Brisbin
Ginger Bruton
John F. Cannon
Guy & Crystal Carpenter

Cindy “Reba” Carrington
Brian Cash
Red Cearley
Deanna Councill
Chris Elliott
Dianna Cook Family
David Cox
Lisa Davis (Honorary Lifetime Member)
Patricia Floyd
Ricky Fletcher
Bobby Ford
Tom & Lawana Friddell
Bruce  Garlick
Cindy Good
Beth Griffin
Toni Hanson
Sharon Hardy
Stewart Harvard
Susan Henzel- Speer

Allen Hickenbottom
Gail Hilburn

Flo Hix
Pam Hunt
































Mark & Cheryl Ireland
Scott Johnson
Rick Keller
Christine Koval
Alicia Lund

Lisa Lynn
Dudley Meeter
Jean Murphy

Aubrey & Cathy Nelson
Tom and Carol Patterson & Jorja,
Dwight Parker
Cy Peterson
Christine Peverini
Laurie Phalin

Tony and Marsha Phillips
David Saunders
Marianna Schreeder
Avery Skinner

Buren Smith (Honorary Lifetime Member)
Chuck Spriggs
Shane Stephenson & Family
Norma & Tony Stewart
J Michael Stumpff

James A. Thomas
R. C. Tomlinson
Tracee Treadwell
Stuart Waite
Barry & Lisa Zimmerman