Members of the GSDA are listed here. Dues must have been paid by Aug. 1, to be a member. If there are any questions, or if you have a change in address, phone number or e-mail address, please e-mail Beth Barron. For a membership application, click here. To renew your membership, please send dues, name, address, phone number, and e-mail address to Beth Barron, 135 Forrest View Terrace, Johns Creek, GA 30022. Dues are $25 per person or $35 per family. Members who are not paid up to date on their dues will not receive points from GSDA points trials. Names in bold have been renewed for 2016-17.

Ann Allen & Conner Allen
Beth Anderson
Peg & Jim Anderson
Kenneth Arrendale
Carol Anne Bailey
Hubert Bailey
Beth Barron
Ellen Beasley
Chip Blalock
Dawn Boyce
Doug Branam
Donna Brisbin
Ginger Bruton
John F. Cannon
Guy & Crystal Carpenter

Cindy “Reba” Carrington
Brian Cash
Red Cearley
Deanna Councill
Chris Elliott
Dianna Cook Family
David Cox
Lisa Davis (Honorary Lifetime Member)
Patricia Floyd
Ricky Fletcher
Bobby Ford
Bruce  Garlick
Cindy Good
Beth Griffin
Toni Hanson
Sharon Hardy
Stewart Harvard
Susan Henzel- Speer

Allen Hickenbottom
Gail Hilburn

Flo Hix
Pam Hunt

































Mark & Cheryl Ireland
Scott Johnson
Rick Keller
Christine Koval
Alicia Lund

Lisa Lynn
Dudley Meeter
Jean Murphy

Aubrey & Cathy Nelson
Tom and Carol Patterson & Jorja,
Dwight Parker
Cy Peterson
Christine Peverini
Laurie Phalin

Tony and Marsha Phillips
David Saunders
Marianna Schreeder
Avery Skinner

Buren Smith (Honorary Lifetime Member)
Chuck Spriggs
Shane Stephenson & Family
Norma & Tony Stewart
J Michael Stumpff

James A. Thomas
R. C. Tomlinson
Tracee Treadwell
Stuart Waite
Barry & Lisa Zimmerman