Contact Officers

Chairman: Bruce Garlick  770- 887-4039 Cumming, GA

DirectorCarol Anne Bailey 864- 376-5158 Townville, SC Contact to add or change website information.

Director: Barry Zimmerman, 954-270-8300,  Homer, GA 

Director: Cindy Carrington, 601-624-3259, Blue Ridge, GA

Director Dawn Boyce, 678-491-2766, Carnesville, GA 

President: Dawn Boyce, 678-491-2766, Carnesville, GA 
Contact about club meetings, by-laws, club rules, etc. Trial info

Vice  President: ActingBarry Zimmerman, 954-270-8300  Contact for upcoming event info, email reminder lists, public relations.

Secretary: Jason Boyce, Carnesville, GA

Treasurer: Lisa Zimmerman, 954-270-8300 Homer GA Contact about club funds, membership information, trial  entries, minutes, meeting agenda, etc. 

Points Secretary: Bruce Garlick  770- 887-4039 Contact about GSDA points for members. 

Webmaster: Carol Anne Bailey 864-376-5158 Send information or any changes for the website.