Hall Of Fame

The GSDA was formed almost twenty years ago.  In that time many great dogs and handlers have come to the post. In looking back we felt like this was an appropriate time to start the Hall of Fame for the GSDA. The Hall of Fame are for dog/handler teams that most likely won the Open division and were prior to winning and following winning still in the top 10 in the Open division for 3-5 years.  As we already give awards to winners in each division and we have a “Longest Mile” award that addresses breeding, bloodlines, and longevity in that area that is not what this award is for. It is for those select teams that drew that attention of onlookers and fellow handlers when they went to the post at GSDA events.

David Saunders and Jill

Hubert Bailey and Tip, Bailey, and Dawson

Clyde Hall and Tip

Kent Kuykendall and Dehl

Kenneth Arrendale and Mac, Wolf, and Belle

Henry Kuykendall and Moss

Norma Stewart and Jill and Ring

Red Cearley and Lacy and Becky

Judith Kelly and Reese

Dawn Boyce and Karch and Tink

Bill Coburn and Hope

Jon Tholkes and Molly

Tony Stewart and Cole

Hubert Bailey and Cole

Hubert Bailey and Jim

Dawn Boyce and Slim

Dawn Boyce and Gage

David Saunders and Curtis

Tony Phillips and Palin

Dwight Parker and Craig